12.11.14 English Review Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, Le Zenith, Paris

November 12th. 8.56am. Time for me to leave home to get my train to Paris. My bag is heavy with things I want to give to Myles Kennedy, as a flag full of messages from the fans. Arrived in Paris, I leave my bags and get something to eat. Can’t come to Paris without eating a burger at Hard Rock Cafe. We asked them to put some Slash on, obviously. Arrived at le Zénith around 2pm. Already many people waiting outside. It’s always great to meet some friends and fans on the queue! VIP tickets were available, to get you in half an hour earlier, which means around 5.30pm. French organisation sucks : VIP got in the room only a few minutes before the rest of the crowd. We’re sitting for that night, trying to keep some strength for the gig on the night after! Opening band is Monster Truck. They got on stage at 7.30pm. Their set was pretty cool, but they didn’t really fit with Slash & The Conspirators . 35 minutes later, it’s time to change the stage for our guys. The crowd cannot wait to see the famous guitar hero getting on stage. And this will happen at 8.30pm. The intro starts, the band gets on stage, and kick the whole crowd’s ass. They were on fire, jumping around the stage. We’ve been surprised to see Mean Bone back on the setlist, which pleased me cause it’s one of my favorite songs live. They also played Rocket Queen for 22 minutes. 2 hours later, the show ends, the band leaves the stage, knowing that they’ll be back really soon.

We gave the flag to Myles. He was really touched to see all those messages. Selena even said they should put it on their wall. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who took part of this project!