4.07.15 Review of Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators in Geneva. English version

This gig marked the last one we attended for this little european summer tour … already. Geneva, Switzerland … Had to drive 5 hours to get there. Long, but worth it, definitely. We arrived around 6.45pm, the doors had already opened for 15 minutes and the venue is already a bit crowded, and we can’t get closer than the 5th row … But it’s gonna have to change! Can’t stay too far from the barrier. It’s hot, we can barely breathe. But it’s not France : people are civilized here and give us water, many time while we’re waiting and during the gig. 8pm, time for Raven Eye to hit the stage. What an amazing band! I’m not used to like Slash‘s opening bands, but I’m now going to change my mind. The band is great, powerful, their music is really cool : good discovery and good time. But it’s now time for the stage to be changed, and for Slash, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators to show up. 9pm, the band gets on stage, the crowd jumps all 11036600_1013767658642927_8724652782563503876_n
around : this is how I finally reach the barrier, and keep on jumping with everyone. The guys seem happy to be there. Myles Kennedy does a great show, as he always does. We can guess he’s tired, but he keeps doing his best to please us : successful ! Then it’s time for Todd Kerns to sing Doctor Alibi and Welcome to the Jungle. I muss confess it’s one of my favorite parts of every of their gigs. The guy is amazing, he can definitely sing, and we all agree to say his presence is definitely essential to the band. Indeed, back in 2010, when I first saw the band, my very first impression when the band got on stage was « Oh my god, who’s that guys? He’s amazing »  … Well done Dammit! Myles‘ little break now over, he comes back until that endless Rocket Queen solo. Another thing I love during their shows is all those little « eye-contact » of little signs I get during the shows. The guys definitely got to know my ugly face, after all these times harassing them … ! After more than 2 hours, the guys leave the stage & the fans empty, still hungry for like 2 more hours of show … After the show, Todd come to hang out a little with a few fans, and the band already had to leave for the next city, the next gig … Time to say goodbye, until fall for another leg of the World on Fire tour!