I’d Like to Tell

Like a Cosmo queen, from a magazine
Are you real or just illusion
I’d like to know you better
Your letter
What I’m reading doesn’t thrill me
And the situation, it’s a bit frustrating
Only adds to my confusion
First I’m hesitating, then anticipating
Another way to get to you

I’d like to tell you that you’re always on my mind
Moving in circles like a rhythm with no rhyme
I’d like to tell you, but I just can’t get it right

Girl you make me crazy with these games you’re playing
Is it solitaire or tea for two
Conversation’s dragging, still you’ve got me hanging
I’m a puppet, you’re a string
Would it make me happy if I could make it happen?
Is it worth the trouble I’ve been through
Show me a little sign girl, throw me out a line
Another way to get to you