Loose Cannon

A loose cannon can’t you tell
You’re gonna get a lesson he’ll learn you well
Back off and stay away from him
Outside you’re going down
And how ya gonna feel when you hit the ground?
The bad seed is at it again
The boy is so defiant
Angry young lion
With too much hatred from the past
All his aggression
It isn’t helping him become a man

Na na na na na na nothing
Is ever gonna change him
Yeah and it might take a little
Bit to get used to
But he’ll stay broken….

Out back behind the shed
That’s where his daddy thought him to hate the best
The education of the heavy hand
The blows were handed down
And it never did much good for him to cry out loud
The fragile child never stood a chance
Hey just remember this
The anger’s not a curse
It’s the greatest gift of all
Loose cannon can’t you tell
Loose cannon can’t you tell
Back off,
Back off from me