Luxembourg 2014 – Review (english)

© Myles Kennedy France

Friday, June 27th. 4pm. Doors open @ Rock a field, and we take the road to get there for 5pm. Weather looks really dark, it’s pretty frightening as the festival is Open Air. Less than one hour later, we reach the festival. They’ve made a good choice by calling it « Rock a field« . We arrive in the middle of nowhere. Cows & fields everywhere. Yiha! This year’s line-up looks pretty bad, we only came for Alter Bridge (even if 30 Seconds To Mars in on the top, we were pretty dissapointed.).
First band getting on stage is singing a kind of shitty german rap, even Ian Keith (guitar tech for Myles Kennedy & Brian Marshall) looks bored on the side of the stage. 30 minutes later, their set is over. Ernie Hudson (Mark Tremonti guitar tech) starts throwing picks to the crowd. It pays to be a girl, I got two from the security guys.
7.20pm, we can hear the first sounds of Addicted to Pain. The crowd is getting crazy, and stayed crazy for the whole show. The guys were awesome, as always. They looked happy to be here. Myles jumped in the crowd and almost fell when getting back on stage. After that little fright, and 50 minutes of good show, the guys wave and leave us, all sad to know it’s the last time until 2015 that we’ll get to see them on stage…