The dial tone is all that sings
It’s raining hard inside and far away
What’s so new?
This never-ending drama won’t fade
My gut’s a coil and my only drain

Will this never end?
It’s breaking heart, it’s bruising head
Why does the good go so bad?
All the joy is fading fast

The contradictions they are killing me
This pretzel logic makes her hard to receive
So fall out again and swallow me whole
Every thing’s changed from blowing kisses to throwing stones

Night trades with day
And let dawn begin to break
Once again she knows me too well
How to heal, how to help

For a while I am saved by her smile
And all the harm comes undone
Just soon enough to stop the flood

The overflow should her charm not hold
It could drown me today
Must the river run so high, my love

You know your smile can
Dam the river that I have of you